Walters Express

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  • Mon
    0530 - 2300
    0530 - 2300
    0530 - 2300
    0530 - 2300
    0530 - 2300
    0700 - 2300
    0700 - 2200
  • Hours Info
    Gas Pumps Open 24/7 with Pay At The Pump. Holiday Hours 0900-2100

Walters Express is located on the corner of Wilson Way and Scott Rd. The Gas Lanes are open 24/7 with Pay at the Pump.


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1 Review

  1. I’d like to thank Manager Antonio for going above and beyond when I called to inquire if anyone had turned in a debit card. He not only checked inside the store but went outside where he found my card on top of the pump where some wonderful person put it after I inadvertently dropped it while pumping gas. He then put it in the safe until I returned to get it. He could’ve very easily stated it hadn’t been turned in and left it at that but he didn’t, and because of that I am extremely grateful!