Archery, Rifle & Pistol Range

  • Fort StewartHwy 144 East, Bldg 8093, Fort Stewart, GA 31314
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  • Mon
    1100 - 1730
    1100 - 1730
    1100 - 1730
    1100 - 1730
    0700 - 1430
    0700 - 1430
  • Hours Info
    Holiday Hours 0700-1430. Call for Skeet & Trap Hours.

Fort Stewart Shooting Sports include:
Archery Range
Fee $3/day

Rifle and Pistol Range
Fees Short Range: $5/ day (Time may be shortened during busy hours, or when a waiting list is established.)
Long Range: $15 for a 2 hour block

Skeet and Trap Range
Cost is only $5 for 25 birds per round. Skeet and Trap Range is open every day except Sunday, individuals wanting to shoot can attend the range safety briefing and then sign out the keys from the Equipment Checkout Center or Campground Office between the hours of 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Call +1 (912)767-4316
to schedule your Range Safety Briefing

***All weapons must be registered on Ft.Stewart to shoot at any range.

Source: ArmyMWR


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