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    Daily 24 Hours

Launderette at Fort Stewart is located at Vilseck Ave, Fort Stewart, GA.


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4 Reviews

  1. $3 for a regular sized washer is ridiculous. Haven’t even started my drying yet. Will not be surprised on expensive it will be. Ripping Soldiers off as always AAFES.

  2. Hours 24 hours, but card machine inop. I wasted an hour unloading loads of laundry into machines, search for the control box, only to have to load it all back up and go somewhere else. There was an out of order sign resting inside the opened control box, so you don't see it until you attempt to pay. Obviously, management is aware, hence the ill-placed sign. Why not lock the doors and post sign on the door explaining the issue, and include an estimated date to repair and reopen?

  3. Toilet seat is broken completely off. There is no hand soap dispenser in the restroom. Overall cleanliness and upkeep is poor.

  4. Decent area size but could be bigger. No wifi. Location could also be better. Wait time on dryers are 30 mins. Wash depends on fabrics.