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  • Fort Stewart757 Bultman Ave, Bldg 226, Fort Stewart, GA 31313
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The Fort Stewart Visitor Center is your first stop before entering the base. They can assist you with passes.
If you don’t have a Military ID, we’ll have to do a background check on you before we can grant you a pass. You, and everyone in your vehicle, will need government-issued identification (such as drivers licenses or passports).

Note: you can also use a DD1173 or DD2 as identification.

If you have a Dependent ID:
No need to stop at the Visitor Control Center. You’re dependent military ID gets you on post without the need of a pass. Everyone over 18 in your car will need to show identification at the gate though (if they don’t need a military ID, drivers licenses are just fine).

If you have a Military ID (CAC):
Simply show your CAC to the MPs when you come through. You will have to show identification for everyone in your car over 18 years of age, however (they don’t need a CAC, just you).



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