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  • Mon
    0530 - 1530
    0530 - 1530
    0530 - 1530
    0530 - 1530
    0530 - 1530

Sick call hours

Stryker 0530-0600
Garrison 0630-0700
Aviation 0730-0800

After Hours Care
TRICARE Advice Line: (888)805-3377

Bassett Army Community Hospital Emergency Room

If you receive care after hours, please let your
provider know at your next visit

Soldier Centered Medical Home (SCMH) is a way of providing primary care that puts patients at the center of healthcare delivery. This is part of the Surgeon General's plan to work toward a “system of health” rather than a “healthcare system.” You can expect to have a healthcare team that takes care of your needs and effectively coordinates with other healthcare delivery teams to provide you with the best possible care. At the heart of SCMH is a continuing relationship between your primary care provider, nurses, and other staff with their patients. The Army Surgeon General describes, “SCMH is a system for health demonstrating commitment to Soldiers, their families and retirees bringing value and inspiring trust in Army Medicine."



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