Popeye's Chicken

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    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1100 - 1700

Popeye's Chicken at Fort Wainwright is located at the Main Exchange.


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3 Reviews

  1. I had the pleasure of eating lunch here today. Let me start by saying I am from the south, and can fry a pretty mean chicken. Hands down the chicken (spicy) i got to day from this Pop Eyes Fried Chicken may very well be the best fried chicken I have ever eaten. Cooked perfectly, crispy outside and a juicy inside; and the red beans and rice were spot on. GREAT JOB!

  2. Food is old and when you ask when the last drop of chicken was, they want to give attitude. I am sure if they were to pay money for 20 minute old food, they wouldn't be happy either. Also, the employee tossed my two pieces of chicken back into the stack of chicken after I had already sat at my table realizing they gave me the wrong pieces. What if my hands had touched those pieces and now some other clueless customer is going to be eating my germs... They are plain lazy workers.

  3. The food is always old and makes people sick. I do not recommend this place