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Hours for Monday - Friday
Breakfast: 0745-0915 $3.45
Lunch: 1130-1300 $5.60
Dinner: 1700-1830 $4.85

Hours for Saturday – Sunday
Breakfast: 0830-1000 $3.45
Lunch: 1200-1330 $5.60
Dinner: 1600-1730 $4.85

First and Third weekend of the month Brunch and Supper meals offered

Brunch: 0930-1300 $6.25
Supper: 1600-1730 $7.65

Holiday prices $9.10
Days that fall in conjunction with a 4 day weekend ( Monday, Friday and occasionally Tuesday the weekend Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner hours followed)

Source: Wolves Den Staff


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11 Reviews

  1. I think that DFAC is really good but the only thing I hate is that they cook the same thing every time I want something new

  2. This dfac is beyond horrible. Who's idea was it to purchase 32 flat screen TV's? One of them is even positioned in a 2 foot hallway just to show the menu electronically? What a waste of resources. You buy new furniture and electronics but fail to serve higher quality food to the soldiers. That is your primary job and you choose to spit on it. Have some pride in your work and maybe youll get respected by everyone else.

  3. This place is the worst Chow Hall I have ever been too. On every weekend they cut out breakfast and only serve lunch and dinner. Oh but it's all okay because they call lunch brunch, and server breakfast and lunch together. UNEXCEPTABLE THERE ARE SOLDIERS WHO ARE HUNGRY, AND THE ARMY FORCES THEM TO PAY FOR CRAP LIKE THIS.

  4. The lower enlisted cooks here have no drive, most act lazy and don't move with a sense of purpose and act as if the soldiers they are serving don't have somewhere else to be. (Aka treating us poorly) this is extremely unprofessional. Hopefully I can get through the line to.orrow in less then 36 minutes.

  5. Seems like dfac only improves when some criticism is thrown out and then right back to overcooked snailfish and baked chicken no healthy variety and portion would be ridicules for a 5 year old (coming from a 150lb male who trains twice a day ) use to be able to go make a tuna sandwich when they screwed you out of the meal you pay for but they took that away also.

  6. This dining facility is ran by poor management on the Army's behalf. There are always soldiers, (mainly specialists) , walking around as if they are not able bodied. On busy days, the servers move as if there are only two people in line. Also, their fruit and vegetables are not cleaned properly and are not always fresh. There was mold on the fruit this morning. This is by far the worst dining facility I've been to. I mean it's the Army DFAC but I've been to better.

  7. Lunch is probably the best prepared whereas dinner is quite a step below in quality as well as variety. It can be hit and miss at times, but quite an improvement in the last couple of months.

  8. Been a while since I've eaten there. Incredible upgrade to the dfac in terms of quality of food. Appreciate how much the cooks have engaged. Well done

  9. Went here for some biscuits n' gravy. The cooks transported me to an alternate dimension ruled by dog-men in which I had to fight for survival amongst raging hordes of hideous mole creatures. Eventually I arose as king of the throbbing mobs of subterranian cave dwellers, but the hard boiled eggs left something to be desired. Wouldn't recommend unless the army withholds your entire BAS, but that's every single soldier on Fort Wainwright.

  10. I go to the dfac everyday now. One day the lunch meal it will be amazing wanting more. Then for dinner its like what the hell happened. It's like only one person in there is able to make amazing food. Whoever it is I take my hat off to you. You make me want to pay for it.

  11. it's an army chow hall. what can I say except bring lots of ketchup and hot sauce