Central Michigan University (CMU) - JBMHH Campus

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    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
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    Classes Friday 1030-1800
Master’s degree specializing in Project Management from CMU – Usable skills while you’re in, great preparation for your transition out!
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Fort Myer is a historic army base located within a few miles of Washington, DC in Arlington, VA. It is three miles from the Pentagon and its property is directly connected to Arlington National Cemetery. Fort Myer is the home to “The Old Guard,” the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry. It is the oldest Army Infantry unit and is the ceremonial unit for the Military District of Washington and escort to the United States President. CMU started classes on Fort Myer in 1971. Classes are offered in weekend format meeting on Friday and Saturday.


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