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Lodging Details: All Royal Alaka'i rooms are equipped to Air Force Inn standards with amenities such as a conference room, data ports, computers with internet access, business suites, and family suites to name a few. Reservations for incoming PCS personnel can be made for up to 30 nights, and outbound PCS personnel, a max of 10 nights. If lodge is full, TLA Authorization Letter to stay in commercial lodging can be obtained. Contact Housing Office at DSN 315-448-6550 for details.


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2 Reviews

  1. I had the pleasure of staying here 3 times. Found the rooms accommodating for a place to stay. This was a Space A room each time. Price was a VALUE based on local rates. Bring your walking shoes for this one.

  2. two types of Tlf, the old one is expensive, 70 a night, and the worst I have ever experienced! I have been in Tlf s all over the world, too. The Windows would not shut, and the smoking section ( picnic able) was outside our window. no kitchen, no living room. the new Tlf was real nice, but no kids allowed. the vaq was cheap, it was fine.