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  • JFTB Los Alamitos11206 Lexington Dr, Military & Veterans Services Center, Bldg 244, Rm 110, JFTB Alamitos, CA 90720
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  • Mon
    0700 - 1630
    0700 - 1630
    0700 - 1630
    0700 - 1630
    0700 - 1630
  • Hours Info
    Closed for lunch from 1200–1300. Closed all holidays.

Check website link on this page for any updates to hours and appointment requirements.

JFTB Los Alamitos Military & Dependent ID Card Center processes ID cards for service members, dependents and retirees. The ID Card office is located in the Military & Veterans Services Center. To make an appointment, use the RAPIDS appointment link provided.

Hours of Operation:
Appointments only are between the hours of 1300-1600
Walk-ins accepted between the hours of 0700-1100


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12 Reviews

  1. There weren't any appointments available, so I just walked in. I came in around 7am, I was out by 815. there's only 2 people there, but they work fast. they're busy so they might come off as slightly rude but i thought they were really nice when working with me and even offered advice since i'm new to everything. really appreciated their help.

  2. The employee here doesn’t work. He is slow rude and disrespectful. Takes forever with his job goes off topic and doesn’t take care of you

  3. After having had my mom's ID card expire a few years ago, thought I'd would be difficult to renew since my father passed. Called the office, and someone returned my call in a few hours and next thing you I know, we come in the next day and had her renewal ID card processed within 20 minutes. Kudos to the ID Card Facility. It pays to call and talk to a rep beforehand. Helps expedite the ID Card renewal process! And the gentleman who greeted us at the front desk was very helpful!

  4. I have used this ID card facility multiple times. They take customer after customer and I have never seen them even take a break. The machines seem to run slow a lot but that is not anything they control. The man I see everyone commenting about is an older gentleman with 2 hearing aides. Which may be why he seems rude when he talks. Cause he does talk kind of loud. But I have never had any issues with my visits. They were very helpful and friendly.

  5. Being newly married. I am the retired veteran and this is my first marriage. We went to id section for our IDs and the man that was working that day was rude and talked down to us as if we already knew the process of obtaining ids for dependants and updating DEERs. I hope that they remove him due to his customer service is way below the military standard. Im glad I went with my spouse due to I did not want her to think everyone who provides a service for military members act as rude as he.


  7. The guy messed up my CAC and put me in as a reservist even though I'm an active guard reservist.... This was AFTER showing him my re enlistmdnt orders... He didnt listen to me! Because of this, my daughter had a lapse in coverage and I probably did too because he put me in as a reservist instead of active duty! Very frustrating when you can't go to Walgreens and get your daughter her asthma meds because of someone else's incompetent. Pay attention to details Sir! Waited almost three hours!

  8. This man has an anger management issue, he doesn't like to be questioned or answered. You get there and sit until he talks to you. He gets very irritate when you approach to him. Be careful.

  9. They dont answer phone during business hours, 99% of the time you get a voicemail.

  10. I don't know what these other people are talking about but I have never had any problems with the service from anyone there at the ID section!

  11. Horrible people work there. Very very very rude. They hire the worst people to work there.

  12. If you arrive after 11 you must have an appointment or they will not see you.