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    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2400
    1000 - 2400
    1000 - 2400

Pizza Hut Wingstreet is located in the Olympic Services Mall on Kadena AB. Pizza Hut Wingstreet serves pizza, salads, pasta and wings for pick up or delivery. Delivery is available from 1030-2130 on Kadena Air Base, Kadena Marina, Chibana Housing and Camp Shields. Delivery is also available off-base in the Sunabe, Miyagi, Hamagawa, Minato, Chibana and Mizugama neighborhoods.


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7 Reviews

  1. The prices and pizza are amazing I would totally recommend this pizza place

  2. I called a hour ago was told 40 min going on a hour now...

  3. I ordered online to have it ready to be picked up. When I arrived at the designated time for pickup, and the pizza wasn't ready. I had to wait 30 minutes extra for them to make it.

  4. Super expensive compared to what we were paying in the states. The wings have not been having enough sauce on them, so they have not been spicy like they are supposed to be. The service has been great and the employees are super friendly and respectful. I would recommend with any AAFES order that you type something in the notes. I always type, “Please do not forget dipping sauce.” I have ordered dipping sauces before and they did not include them in my order.

  5. Just went in today and the staff was friendly and my food came out just the way i ordered it. Happy costumer(:

  6. Pizza and wings are way over priced. They give out expired ranch consistently, and greedy with any packets (red pepper, cheese, plates, anything) wings tend to be dry, so ask for extra sauce. If you are clear with your order, you will get what you ask for, including extra condiments. The managers on duty are always nice and usually will hock you up, as long as you are friendly and polite to both them and their staff. Asking is key. Easily a 4/5 star, if the price came down a little.

  7. I was on hold for 3 mins on one call and 4 mins another without getting anyone... The service for phone calls is horrible!