Barber Shop (BX)

  • Keesler AFBLarcher Blvd., BX, Bldg 2306, Keesler Air Force Base, MS
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    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    1000 - 1700

The Barber Shop at Keesler AFB is located in the main BX. They offer military and civilian haircuts at affordable prices.


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1 Review

  1. Whatever you do don't go here. Go somewhere off base. The guy that cut my hair gave me a hard part even after I explicitly said I didn't want one and cut my hair like he was paying no attention to it. While using the clippers he cut down instead of up leaving my hair with long awkward ends and not a blended, even look that is standard for haircuts. All in all I got the impression the guy had zero idea of what he was doing and worse lack of complete interest or respect in cutting my hair.