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Call the Finance Office at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) for all your finance, military pay, and travel needs.

Listing Office Symbol Building Number Phone Number
COMMANDER 502 CPTS/CC JBSA-SAM B4196 210-221-5760
Deputy Comptroller 502 CPTS JBSA-SAM B4196 210-808-7552
Superintendent 502 CPTS/FMX JBSA-SAM B4196 210-221-2760
Secretary 502 CPTS/CSS JBSA-SAM B4196 210-221-5690
Financial Analysis Flight (FMA) Chief 502 CPTS/FMA JBSA-SAM B4196 210-221-5699
FMA Customer Service 502 CPTS/FMA JBSA-SAM B4196 210-808-8069
Temporary Duty (TDY) To School
Supervisor 502 CPTS/FMFLT JBSA-RND B399 210-652-0386
Financial Services Flight (FMF)
Commander 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-0310
FMF Deputy 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-2760
Customer Service FMF 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-1851
Front Shop Section Chief 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-RND B399 210-652-0132
Back Shop Section Chief 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-2597
Unique Missions Section Chief 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-2716
Basic Military Pay/International Pay
Supervisor 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-2807
Disbursing Operations 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-3980
Civilian Pay Supervisor 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-9214
Defense Travel System Lead Defense
Travel Administrator 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-SAM B2263 210-808-0858
Government Travel Card Agency
Program Coordinator 502 CPTS/FMF JBSA-LAK B5616 210-671-9224

The best way to reach the Comptroller (502 CPTS) might not be by phone.
Here are some helpful email addresses:
Customer Service FMF [email protected]
Relocations (PCS) [email protected]
Leave Web Box [email protected]
Special Actions/Debts Box [email protected]
DTS Box [email protected]
BMT Pay [email protected]
International Pay 502 [email protected]
Civilian Pay (LAK) [email protected]
Civilian Pay (RND) [email protected]
Civilian Pay (FSH) [email protected]


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6 Reviews

  1. Waited on phone because they were helping other customers. Then phone rings and no one answers.....

  2. My husband has tried to call multiple times over last couple days and all it does is ring. I have a POA and I have tried calling from out of state as well and all it does is ring and ring. Does anybody ever answer the phone? Honestly doesn't even deserve 1 star

  3. This is a horribly run office. No customer service. I've tried to call on behalf of my son, who has not been paid for THREE months. He went in before his tech school started, and they assured him the situation had been corrected, and he would be paid. Still no paycheck... Now he's in tech school all day, and he can't go to the office- because they close before he's out of class! So I've been trying to call on his behalf, but no one answers the phone! This office clearly does not care.

  4. Apparently noone works in the finance office seeing as i have left multiple messages and consistently called all day to try and reach someone. As someone who works in a customer service career field, this is unbelieveably unprofessional. The leadership really should do their job and ensure their personnel are doing their jobs.

  5. I agree with the other poster, no one picks up! Tried calling different times of the day and it just rings and rings and then disconnects.

  6. How about providing a phone number that someone actually answers.