North Troop Mall (BX Store)

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  • Mon
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
    0700 - 2030
  • Hours Info
    Gas Station Pumps Open 24/7; Holidays: 0700-2000

The North Troop Mall Store is located on Fenmoyer just east of Hughes St and next to the Gateway Inn. It has a food court including Subway, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, and Anthony's Pizza, and numerous small venders including Barber and Beauty Shops. The gas station is also at this location, and pumps are open 24 hours.


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1 Review

  1. Frequent this place almost every day of the week, sit on Burger King side to use WIFi and enjoy a meal or 2. I have two complaints, first one is the chairs on Burger King side. When are moved out or in they scrape the floor. It sounds like finger nails on black board. When you trying to enjoy some time eating, and visiting, and you have to endure these chairs scraping over the tile its irritating. Why can't the chairs at BK have tips on end of legs to stop scraping sound?