Smokin' Joes BBQ-CLOSED

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Closed- Smokin Joes BBQ is only open two days a week. Stop by Sunday or Thursday for the best Texas BBQ around!


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5 Reviews

  1. Joes was recommended from the PRC briefing. The service was absolutely the worst I have ever had. If you can get past the rude wait staff, you will probably not be able to get past the cold vegetables straight from the can, the juices left on the plate to soak into the bread of your brisket sandwich. The meat seemed to have a good looking smoke ring but it was false advertisement. The meat had no taste. None of the other food had any flavor either. Don't waste your time or money.

  2. This was my first time visiting JBSA Lackland for BMT graduations, and unfortunately this was one of few restaurants that came highly recommended at the PRC briefing. To cut to the chase, the food was horrible, tasteless, either over or under cooked, w/ disgusting ingredients, extremely rude wait staff... need I continue? The only positive thing I could say is that the hour long wait to order and be seated brought great conversations with other unsuspecting hungry/hot/tired families.

  3. Our family is all here for twin nephews graduating basic. Never been treated so rudely at a restaurant. Extremely sad that this is on a military base! Our family was praying before our meal and the waiter interrupted us to set our plates down, he started asking who got what, we didn't look up so he says, hello? Good thing I'm a Christian. By the way, we were the only people in there! Don't waste your time at this place, tell your friends.

  4. First off they are very rude. And save your money by going to Arby's for the brisket. Corn is straight from a can. They charge for a glass of water and beware they automatically charge you for drink refills even if you do t get them. Food all in all is very sub par and a disgrace to be on any military base. No wonder there was only two groups there on a Sunday.

  5. Food tastes horrible. Vegetables were cold and dumped on my plate straight from the can. Ribs had to be left over from a few days prior. The staff is rude! So if you enjoy nasty, tasteless food and enjoy being ignored and talked down too, then this is your place!