Wilford Hall Ambulatory Center

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The 59th Medical Wing is the Air Force's premier health care, medical education and research, and readiness wing. The wing's vision is "Exemplary Care, Global Response." Its mission is developing warrior medics through patient-centered care.

Main Pharmacy: Open to all Beneficiaries
Location: Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1st Floor, Room #1F50
Hours of Operation: 0700 - 1600, Monday - Friday

Clinic Pharmacy: Open to all Beneficiaries, refill pick-up
Location: Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1st Floor, Room #1G113
Hours of Operation: 0800 - 1700, Monday - Friday

Source: airforcemedicine.af.mil


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5 Reviews

  1. Trying to get a hold at the LAB called two times, heard the phone rang but they just hang up. Called for the 3rd time and talked to a lady, I don't know if we are allowed to say "HELLO GOODMORNING"! But as soon I said that, she just hang up on me. What a rude!!!

  2. Always get great service at my appointments. Dr De is one of the best practitioners we have had. Keep up the good work. GOOD ON YOU!

  3. I have been trying to get a copy of my medical records for over a month. Submitted the form on 1/23/2018 I Get a letter today saying I for got to put WILLFORD HALL on where my records are held. If they New it was wilford hall what’s the big deal. What’s even more sadder is I resubmit the same form 2 weeks later with the changes and the lady said she was going to put it on top. They seem to think they are doing me a favor. Rudd people

  4. I had two back to very unpleasant calls from imaging scheduling. Very short and rude and the first receptionist gave me a wrong number w her dose of unpleasantry. When I called back I was asked questions that I was not asked before- when I seemed clarification question was answered w sarcasm and a condescending tone. Perhaps the job is more stressful than we know? I’m a combat vet trying my best to hold things together while I piece my life back together. Just a little patience is all I ask.

  5. I called to make an appointment they directed me right to the right area ,they even made a pre schedule appointment for me to my clinic....gave me a call the day before my scheduled appointment....... I'm quite pleased thank you very much and keep up the good work