USAF Langley Hospital

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    Hospital Open 24/7. Hours listed above for Appointment Center calls.

Dial 9-1-1 for Emergency.

Services Available at the USAF Langley Hospital:
Dental Clinic
Mental Health
Emergency Room
Family Medicine
Pediatric Clinic
Flight Medicine
Physical Therapy
Health and Wellness Center
Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
Chiropractic Clinic
Women's Health
Laboratory Services

***Please use the Clinics & Services Link above for a complete list of clinics, contact information, services, and hours***



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3 Reviews

  1. I went to be seen in the ER, called to the vital room the doctor came into that room with the door wide open and told me I had phenomena,I responded never had it he quickly respond with I had bronchitis without looking at me at first. Then he listened to my CLEARED lungs and gave me cough meds and left. Not even letting me tell him everything that was wrong like the fact that my ears are also hurting and bothering me greatly .HIPPA was violated majorly to me. Thanks for not listening at all

  2. My wife delivered our first child in the Langley AFB Hospital Labor and Delivery Ward and we deeply appreciate the professionalism of the entire staff. The facility is immaculate and the entire process from labor to delivery is representative of a well-oiled machine. A special thanks to MAJ Wendi Holmes (CNM) for her dedicated service and making sure the delivery was a success - exceptional job!

  3. Laboratory reception staff are abrupt and not very friendly. Sick people should be treated as people to be helped, not annoyances to be done with as soon as possible.