Chapel - Luke Community

  • Luke AFB13968 W Shooting Star St, Bldg 799, Luke AFB, AZ
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Worship Schedule
1000 Sunday Contemporary Gospel Service
*Children's Church Available
1130 Sunday Traditional Service *Children's Church Available

1700 Saturday Vigil Mass
0830 Sunday Mass (Confessions upon request)
1200 Daily Mass

Please contact the chapel at least six months prior to your wedding to begin preparation. Pre-marital counseling is considered an essential part of marriage preparation. A four to six month period is the reasonable time for such preparation.

Oasis Meals:
Held at Bldg 542 on Fridays at 1800 and Saturdays at 1800 for single dorm residents.

Flight Line Feasts:
Held at the 308th Pavilian: Day shift 1st Thursday of month at 1130 Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May and July. Swing Shift 1st Wednesday of month at 1800 Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr and Jun.

Deployed Airman and Family Dinners:
2nd Thursday of month at 1800 LCC Annex. This is for deploying, currently deployed or returning Servicemen/women and their family members.


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1 Review

  1. I am very pleased with the sermons given at the 10 a.m. service at LAFB. I JUST HAVE ONE request, would someone please explain more about Melchizedek? It seems as tho this person is mentioned sparingly and with great reverence, even suggesting he was a person or spirit equal or superior to Jesus, came before Jesus even. I have tried to research Melchizedek and am not satisfied with what is being revealed to me. WASSUP!!!