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  • Luke AFBN Litchfield Rd, Bldg 1514, Luke AFB, AZ
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    0730 - 1630
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    Closed Federal Holidays and Family Days

The Luke AFB Satellite Pharmacy is located near the Exchange Food Court.


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5 Reviews

  1. I have made 3 trips to pick up Rx. !st trip 55mins in line, told no Rx in system, Contacted Dr, they verified sent the Rx 3 days prior.. 2nd trip 1hour 5 mins in line, Told the Rx was in the system but was at the Main. Call Main Pharmacy was told it was not there it was at the Satellite 3rd trip 1 hour 25 mins in line in, was told there was a proble and I had to go inside. Inside had over 25 people waiting. I could not wait, 4 tiips $14gas 5hours no Rx. Why is the pharmacy out of control?

  2. I have been calling this pharmacy for over an hour and the phone just keeps ringing off the hook. No recording, no busy signal, no nothing, just ringing. I have the right phone number because I checked with the main pharmacy at Luke AFB twice.

  3. What a jewel! It ranks close to retired pay for value and convenience. And always open on time with cheerful professionals. Tom Swanson, USAF (Retired)

  4. I have been retired here going on 47 years and, have had many occasion to deal with the Satellite Pharmacy/Personnel and I would like to say that never in my life have I been treated so professionally and the personnel are terrific. Thank you all for your kind, personal and ever so professional support. I cannot thank you enough. God Bless You All! and keep up the outstanding work. MSgt Joseph, USAF Retired - DAV The Ole Sarge!.

  5. Very helpful staff. Although very busy, wait time is not bad. Can shop at BX and/or commissary while waiting to fill prescriptions.