Military Personnel Flight

  • Maxwell AFB50 LeMay Plaza South, Bldg 804, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
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  • Mon
    0800 - 1600
    0800 - 1600
    0830 - 1600
    0800 - 1200
    0800 - 1600
  • Hours Info
    Walk-ins: Mon-Wed & Fri: 1300-1600; Closed on Federal Holidays

The Military Personnel Flight at Maxwell AFB provides quality personnel support. They cover everything from ID cards to base in-processing, assignments, reenlistments, and retirements for all Airmen and their families. Additionally, they are the one-stop source for evaluations, promotions, testing, awards, and decorations, or other special actions.

The MPF also handle the distribution of CAC cards. In order to obtain one, appointments are made by phone or digital sign-ups. However, they understand it’s possible that there are no available appointments for you to sign up for before your ID expires. Therefore, for those in a time crunch, there are special walk-in hours.

Source: Life at the Max Website


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4 Reviews

  1. Trying to make an appointment for ID card renewal. No place to select a date to make an appointment. Instructions are lousy. Why won't anyone answer the phone at the given phone number???

  2. Bad!! You can never get anyone to answer the phone.

  3. Their Rapids Appointment system SUCKS! If you are not familiar with it. You must have an appointment but it won't let you make one and NO ONE will answer the phone.

  4. Crazy slow. Last I was there, they only had one ID machine. But there was talks of adding another. If you need an ID, plan on spending a few hours there.