Mess Hall 2080

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    Open Daily. See Below for Meal Breakdown.

The Dining Facility in Bldg 2080 at MCAS Beaufort is Open Daily.
Normal Routine/Weekdays:
Breakfast 0600-0730
Lunch 1100-1245
Dinner 1600-1800
Midrats 2330-0100
Panini 0600-2000

Breakfast Brunch 0830-1100
Dinner Brunch 1600-1800
Panini 0830-1100 & 1600-1800


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3 Reviews

  1. Just called and they don't have any telephone etiquette, let alone know what they are serving. This is the best service for my marines, why not just have no idea what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? You don't get paid to be an adult and choose your own food. Ridiculous.

  2. I’ve had multiple occasions when the food is raw especially the chicken which makes me mad because money is taken outta my pay check for this food when I could cook my own food for cheaper and actually have it cooked to a point where I don’t get food poisoning!!

  3. There are roaches in food handling areas and the serving staff are rude