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The Legal Assistance Office at MCAS Cherry Point is staffed by licensed and fully-accredited attorneys who are Marine officers and are familiar with many of the problems military members and their families face. Additionally, the office has paralegals who are fully certified Notaries Public in the State of North Carolina, as well as enlisted clerks who assist with client intake and drafting your important legal documents.

The Legal Assistance office is a professional environment. Clients seeking assistance must dress in appropriate civilian attire in compliance with AirStaO 1020.3E. Clients are expected show the same professionalism, respect and courtesy to the staff of Legal Assistance that they would show to a paid attorney. This will allow Legal Assistance to focus on the legal problem at hand and efficiently analyze your options.

Legal Assistance can help with:
• Estate planning: Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives
• Family law: Separation, uncontested divorce, child support and child custody, step-parent adoptions
• Leasing disputes: Military termination, security deposits, preparing for small claims court
• Legal financial issues: Credit checks and corrections, negotiations with businesses out in town

Legal Assistance cannot:
• Help with criminal matters (military or civilian)
• Assist regarding tickets on base
• Appear in court or any administrative board for you
• Help with claims against the government
• Act as a mediator or work with both sides

The first priority of the Legal Assistance Office is mission readiness for operational units, especially deploying units. Other services may be limited or suspended for deployment briefs. Predeployment services are also available for reservists in pre-mobilization status. Individualized legal assistance services are available on a limited basis according to the following priority:
1. Legal Assistance is intended primarily for active duty personnel
2. Dependents of active duty personnel as resources permit
3. Reserve personnel on active duty for more than 30 days as resources permit
4. Dependents of activated reserve personnel as resources permit
5.Retired personnel and spouses as resources permit

• Walk-in Legal Assistance: Limited availability Monday through Friday at 0730. Availability follows
priority of eligible clients.
• Powers of Attorney: Monday through Thursday 0730-1630, Fridays 0730–1100
• Wills and Advance Directives
• Mandatory brief: Monday and Wednesday at 1000. Arrive at 0945 to check in.
• Will signing ceremony: Monday and Wednesday at 1300. Arrive at 1245 to check in.
• Notary Public: Monday through Thursday 0730-1630, Fridays 0730-1430.

Source: MCAS Cherry Point Website


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