AMC Terminal - MCAS Futenma

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The AMC Terminal at MCAS Futenma is located adjacent to the runway. The terminal is the point of arrival and departure for Futenma originating Space A flights.

Please Note: to connect to establishments on MCAS Futenma via off-base phone, you must first dial 098-911-5111 followed by the 7-digit extension number.


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  1. My husband and I took a flight from Clark Air Base to MCAS Futenma last November and we really enjoyed it. The staff were strict but very helpful. They took us to Kadena terminal to catch another flight. MCAS Futenma terminal is not big; but, very clean. Futenma flight schedule should be added to the AMC terminal website. March Airforce Base schedule should also be added to the AMC terminal website in order for us to see all available flights. I give them 5. The staff are very organized.