Gas Station - Exchange (Gonsalvez)

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  • Mon
    0600 - 1900
    0600 - 1900
    0600 - 1900
    0600 - 1900
    0600 - 1900
    0600 - 1900
    0900 - 1700
  • Hours Info
    open 24/7 for credit card sales.

Gas station store is open during hours above, fuel is available 24/7 with credit card at pump.

There is also a drive-through automatic car wash at this facility.


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3 Reviews

  1. Car wash went out of service after I paid and the store was closed so unable to be reimbursed. Tried calling the number on website and it is disconnected.

  2. I've been here since July 2013 and the tire air station has never worked correctly the entire time I've been here. Worn air hoses with leaks were usually the problem, but now its an inaccurate guage. Completely useless and dangerous.

  3. Their gas prices beat everywhere else in San Diego, except Costco. I've never had to wait in line for gas, and the pump area is always clean.