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  • Mon
    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800
    0530 - 1800
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700

MCAS Miramar Gonzalez Dining Facility (Chow Hall) is located on Polaris Ave. just south of Bauer Rd. If you call the chow hall during business hours and there is no answer the staff is busy.

Chow Hall Hours of Operation
Breakfast: 0530-0730
Lunch: 1100-1300
Dinner: 1600-1800
Sat, Sun, Hol:
Brunch: 0800-1100
Dinner 1500-1700

The MCAS Miramar Chow Hall (Gonzales Dining Facility) has a fantastic salad, pasta, deli, and taco bar to fill up even the hungriest Marine. If you're in the mood for hot and fast food they also offer a full service main line. Please call for a list of satellite mess halls that are also available for your convenience.

Check out the Dining Website link for a list of all the great restaurants, clubs, and bars at MCAS Miramar.

source - MCCS


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4 Reviews

  1. Chow hall hours are absolutely ridiculous. The new system they’ve put into place, along with discontinuing the sub-line is an inconvienience to us that work on night crew. I am now forced to apply for commuted Rations because the hours that the chow hall is open, is an inconvenience to my schedule.

  2. Most of the options have meat in them or are meat. It's very hard when there is a lack of other types of proteins.

  3. Your only open 2 hours at a time, which makes you open 6 hours out of a 24 hour day during the week... not ok people who work nights, and that's more than half of the air station. You should combine the lunch and dinner hours, I think that will solve alot of problems with night crew, so they can eat before they go to work and not have to get up hours before they are supposed to. Maybe have a midrats thing too, so we can eat after as well. Other than that the food is pretty good. Rah

  4. I am charged about 350 a month to eat here and probably only eat about 150 a month.... Why, well because your hours at this place are horrible for people who work a night shift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be paid comrats so I could just buy food from a store like a normal human being.........