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McDonald's is located on Elrod Ave at MCAS Miramar. They offer eat in, take out and drive thru services for your convenience.


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2 Reviews

  1. It's been a while since that last review. This mcdonald's is terrible. I get shorted on fries and they are either over cooked or soggy. The customer service is terrible, i order in and i have to fill my own drink like usual but i don't get my cup until 5 min later when my foods ready, so i ask "where's my cup?" And the cashier smiles and tells me "you'll be given it" i reply "i understand that, i paid for it, i'd like it now while i wait for my food so i can fill it up" she looks at me and continues to smile then takes the next persons order. The management isn't any better either

  2. I'm embarrassed to give McDonald's a five star rating, but this particular restaurant has amazing efficiency. Two or three workers come out to the drive through line with digital clipboards at lunch time. The order goes in quickly and you get to interact with someone face to face. As far as fast food goes, these guys have it figured out. Don't eat here though, you'll clog your arteries.