Wendy's - Main MCX Miramar-CLOSED

  • MCAS MiramarMathews Ave (MCX Food Court), Bldg 2660, MCAS Miramar, CA
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CLOSED-Wendy's located in the MCAS Miramar Main MCX Food Court serves all the great burgers you've come to love as well as many new healthy salad options.


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1 Review

  1. I have been going to this Wendy's since it opened. In the beginning they were slow but decent quality. Now 7/7/2016 I have been ordering once a week a Jr. Cheeseburger with no ketchup. Four weeks in a row they have messed up my order. One time was only ketchup and no cheese and nothing else. Then cheese and plain, nothing else like pickles or onion. They have also run out of frostys and kids meal toys. They don't tell you ahead of time about the toys. Complain they care a less!