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The MCAS New River Chow Hall is located in building 4012. The DFAC serves meals daily.

Mess Hall Hours:
Breakfast 0600-0800
Lunch 1100-1300
Dinner 1600-1800

Breakfast 0630-0800
Lunch 1130-1300
Dinner 1630-1800

Convenience Window
Monday - Friday 1100-2000
Saturday - Sunday 1630-1930

Midnight Rations
Monday - Sunday 2300-0100

Source: Mess Hall Hours PDF


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3 Reviews

  1. Scheduled to be open 20182812... but are CLOSED. where am I supposed to go for midnight rats. 🤔

  2. The food is decent, the employees are nice. My only complaint is that they don't serve crispy chicken strips during midrats (2300-0100)

  3. It's good. One employee is rude though, and has no social experience. When it was pouring rain outside, we were all lined up outside waiting to go in, and he sat there for a good two minutes watching the time before he let us in. Because I guess no one is allowed in until a certain time. But God forbid a few seconds early. I hear complaints about him giving half servings, and complaining and whining to the marines face if they accidentally make a small mess on the salad bar.