• MCAS New RiverBancroft St, Bldg As-201, MCAS New River, NC 28540
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All Marines reporting to Marine Corps Air Station New River for duty during regular business hours will report to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) in Service A uniform, with the exception of those checking into the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT), who will check in at the CNATT S-1, Bldg AS-255.Reporting after regular business hours- All personnel will report to their respective Command Duty Officers.

In order to be checked in you must have in your possession your Service Record Book, Health, and Dental Record, and one copy of all your previous sets of orders bringing you to MCAS New River and all receipts pertinent to your movement. Upon being checked in with the IPAC, you will then be directed by an IPAC clerk to report to your permanent command for an official reporting endorsement and further administrative processing instructions. All service members from other branches will report to their respective supporting unit detachment for an endorsement and will then report to the IPAC for further administrative processing. This will include a join audit of your Service Record and assistance with completing your travel claim.

Source: MCAS New River Website


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