Pizza Hut at The Spot

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    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000

Pizza Hut is located in The Spot Exchange and Market Place building on Camp Foster. Pizza Hut offers pizza, wings and pasta dishes for take out and delivery.


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5 Reviews

  1. Well... it’s been three hours. Phone line’s busy. And I have work tomorrow. Plus not even enough time to head over to the actual place. Why is it this difficult to enjoy pizza on a Sunday night when I’m stuck getting up early tomorrow??? Anyway, can’t honestly say I recommend.

  2. Took over two hours to deliver. It was NOT because they had “so many orders”, I was told “there was no address listed so our delivery driver went to bldg 217”. My receipt clearly had an address and if there was no address then why go to a completely random barracks? Cell number was still listed, why not call? When the delivery driver got here (2.5 hrs later!!) he was extremely rude and food was cold and tossed about Horrible service!!!

  3. People complain out time, but it’s clear they will take a LONG time because they only deliver once enough orders are called in. Good place for all the stress they have to work with. Ignore the drama reviews. An hour and a half wait time. It’s really not that bad, food is good if you order simple. They have a hard time with complex orders. If you want it complex, just go in the store...

  4. Took over an hour and a half for my order to arrive, none the less the expensiveness for the food and service when the delivery times are ridiculous and extremely unconvenient. Order was wrong. I strongly advise that these issues be looked at and fixed ASAP.

  5. 1. Please post a phone number that you'll actually answer. 2. My delivery didn't come with a fork for my salad. 3. My delivery took over an hour and a half to arrive. These are issues I advise you to work on. Thank you.