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  • Mon
    0900 - 1400
    0900 - 1400
    0900 - 1400
    0900 - 1400
    0900 - 1700
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    Open until 1700 on military paydays

Community Bank provides banking, ATM and currency exchange services to authorized customers. Authorized customers are restricted to the following:
- Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel, and their sponsored family members.
- DoD U.S. Civilian Employees and their sponsored family members.
- U.S. Employees of all other U.S. Government departments and NAFIs, and their sponsored family members.
- Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel and U.S. Government Civilian Personnel on temporary duty.
- U.S. Reserve Military Personnel on temporary active duty.

Community Bank is a Department of Defense owned banking program operated through a contract with a commercial financial institution. Currently, the contractor is Bank of America, N.A..


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