Headquarters Dining Facility

  • MCB Quantico2011 Zeilin Rd, Bldg 2000, MCB Quantico, VA
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    Mon-Fri break/lunch/dinner Sat-Sun bruch & dinner

The Headquarters and Service Battalion Mess Hall is located in Bruce Hall at MCB Quantico.

Main Line Hours
Breakfast 0600-0800
Lunch 1100-1300
Dinner 1630-1800
Brunch 0900-1100
Dinner 1630-1800

Grill Hours
Breakfast 0600-1000
Lunch 1100-1300
Dinner 1630-1800
Brunch/Dinner 0900-1800

Sub Shop Hours
Lunch 1300-1630
Dinner 1800-2000


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  1. For the sub shop. Thank you! I really like the new system for the sub shop. I love the new changes and how pleasant it is everytime I go there. The workers are excellent specially Blanca. I have no complaints instead I lot of appreciation.