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The Moffett Field Commissary carries a wide variety of grocery items, always at the lowest prices in town. The commissary also offers fresh deli sandwiches and baked goods available all day.


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2 Reviews

  1. Grew up a Navy kid, so I love going to the Commissary. I enjoy the Moffett Field store. It is never crowded when I go during the week at 10 or so. Big discounts noticeable on meat in particular and frozen food. Plus no sales tax due to Federal property. Watch out for days closed after a federal holiday which falls on Monday. There used to be a surcharge added to the cost, in fine print at the bottom of the receipt. The baggers are volunteers, so consider a generous tip if you can.

  2. We recently arrived from the Palm Springs, Ca area and used the commissary at March Reserve Base in Riverside, Ca. Just renewed my spouses ID card at Moffett Field. Ask the young lady there if there was a commissary here and she said yes and provided direction. We were so pleased because as you know, the price of food at the local markets is getting outrages. Will continue all our grocery shopping here.