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When emailing the NMCI Helpdesk, please include:
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NMCI provides an interoperable command and control network needed for transitioning to a net-centric environment. Today, the Department of the Navy receives IT services via NMCI for more than 700,000 military and civilian employee accounts. NMCI consolidated and standardized network operations services, security, and user assistance across every level of command. Information assurance compliance is now enforceable. Users with unique IT service needs are accommodated by smart customization of standard components to generate tailored solutions


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1 Review

  1. NMCI is perhaps one of the least helpful organizations I have ever come across. The only reason I give them one star is because it wont let me go any lower. Have had issues for about a week now with Microsoft Office programs not being able to open. The first day, I sat on the phone for over an hour and a half with a representative trying to resolve the issue, until she had to stop because "it was time to go home for the day". Customer service is a foreign language to NMCI.