Kingpin Pizzeria Cafe

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  • Mon
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
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    Delivery Daily 1100-2100

Kingpin Pizzeria Café provides a full menu of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, salads, hot wings, weekly Asian specials and more. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie, soda, or beer. FREE on-base delivery for orders of $10 or more!

$6 Summer Deals
Kingpin specials available Monday-Thursday, All Day in July & August

Fajita Burrito
Fajita Burger
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Shrimp Po' Boy Sandwich or Wrap

Make any of these a combo with a side and a fountain drink for only $2.50 more!

Source: NavyLifeSW-El Centro


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1 Review

  1. Awesome pizza, delicious burritos. Always delivers in timely manner unless really busy. Definitely a must go to place. Prices are good and staff friendly.