Take Five Coffee Bistro

  • NAF El CentroA St, Located inside the Oasis Rec Center, Bldg 202, Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA
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    0600 - 2100
    0600 - 2100
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    1100 - 2000
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Take Five Coffee Bistro is an all-hands entertainment and refreshment center. Free first run movies, large screen TVs, computers and games and tickets! We proudly serve Starbucks Coffee, Cheesecake Factory Bakery pastries and breakfast burritos. Take a break! Sip, savor and relax.

Take 5ive features the We Proudly Serve Starbucks program. We have a complete menu of Starbucks beverages, as well as pastries, breakfast burritos, lunch salads, wraps, sandwiches and more. Enjoy our FREE Wi-Fi and stay awhile.

Source: NavyLifeSW - El Centro


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1 Review

  1. I wish this place would just turn into a legit Starbucks. They sell all Starbucks products but not everything that Starbucks has. Expand the variety the selection is lame and pitiful.