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  • Mon
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
    0800 - 1700
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    Hours listed are for office only. Meals Mon-Fri, Breakfast 0700-1000, Lunch 1030-1330. Closed Sat-Sun/Holidays.

The Catalina Club at NAS Corpus Christi offers:
Breakfast Program Monday - Friday 0700-1000
Lunch Program Monday - Friday 1030-1330

Check the MWR Facebook Page Link for the most current Catalina Club details.


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  1. I am a retired medical officer. For the past 4 years I have had a clinic 4 d/mo on base. Staying at the Breezeway Inn across the road we eagerly viewed the construction and anticipated the opening of the Catalina Club. We thoroughly enjoyed lunch and found the change of management a vast improvement. Unfortunately the lunch service format has recently changed to six from buffet to table service. The new menu does not include beverage and salad and desert. The pricing is ala cart. The buffet format was excellent regarding quality of food, choice and pricing. We have noticed a significant decline in utilization with the new format. We also have declined to dine there and we noticed a very few cars in the parking lot during lunch. The à la carte pricing is beyond the average sailor or civilian employee. I suggest a return to the previous format which I am sure would enhance utilization. The buffet line format was efficient in the menu was priced within the budget of the consumer. Thank you! Michael J. Levine M. D. Captain, Medical Corps USNR/retired.