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    0500 - 2000
    0500 - 2000
    0500 - 2000
    0500 - 2000
    0500 - 1900
    0900 - 1700
    0900 - 1700
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    Holiday Hours 0900-1500

The gym offers exercise and aerobic fitness equipment. There are weight rooms, complete with Olympic weights, dumbbells and benches. Also available are male and female steam and sauna rooms. The facility includes a basketball court, two racquetball courts as well as athletic gear available such as towels and sports equipment. Lockers are available on a daily or monthly basis. The Athletic Office, located in the gym, is the center for all types of sports programs. Intramural Sports available include: wallyball, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, bean bag toss, softball, flag football, golf, tennis, racquetball, basketball, indoor volleyball, sand volleyball and soccer. Most sports are offered twice a year and there is a fierce competition for the coveted Captain’s Cup, awarded annually to the top command.

Source: NavyMWR


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