Navy Exchange - NAS Patuxent River

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    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    0900 - 1900
    1000 - 1700

NAS Pax River Exchange


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2 Reviews

  1. The cashiers at this establishment not the uniform shop) are abrasive. If it wasn't a problem I would not be writing this, as I have better things to do with my time. If I come in there for something simple like a bottle of water I don't expect to have eyes rolled at me, having my military ID heavily scrutinized, being accused of skipping other patrons, and reminded to finish my transaction (as if I don't know how to use the electronic credit card machine).

  2. Very nice, small exchange on NAS Pax River. The store was clean, modern, and had a nice selection in all of the departments.