Exchange - Corry Station

  • NAS Pensacola5600 Highway 98 West, Bldg 3725, Corry Station, FL
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    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    1000 - 1800

This is the main exchange at Corry Station. It is not located on NAS Pensacola, but is only a few miles to the north and has a very big selection.


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3 Reviews

  1. I have not been in a Navy Exchange yet that has had reasonable prices..Or a variety of clothes for my size 20....The purse prices are horrendous, don't care about the name brands just a good quality PURSE..Shoes not a variety of sizes or widths.. sea bags ONLY HOLD SO MUCH (athletic)...When will they build a nice size exchange with a variety for EVERYONE...they CERTAINLY HAVE ROOM IN THAT PARTICULAR area for a new EXCHANGE AND COMMISSARY....IT'S TIME TO MOVE INTO THE 21ST CENTURY...

  2. I often found a lot of really great clearance items.

  3. The Navy Exchange on NAS Pensacola is very small. They have uniform items and a small selection of clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Most people shop at the full Navy Exchange on Corry Station.