Gold Coast Cafe - Galley

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    Mon-Fri 0500-0700, 1100-1300, 1730-1930. Sat-Sun 0700-0900, 1100-1230, 1600-1730. Midrats daily 2300-0100 (in uniform).

Gold Coast Cafe is the galley (chow hall) aboard Corry Station, NAS Pensacola. It is located near the BEQ in the Northeast corner of the station. See the Galley Facebook link for menu details.

Meal Standard Rate
Breakfast $2.30
Lunch 4.25
Dinner 4.25
Holiday 7.00


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1 Review

  1. This is the best galley on Corry Station hands down. If you have not been there you have to try it if you get the chance. Great price, awesome food, amazing atmosphere. Some times the line can be long when it opens but it is worth the wait!