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  • NAS Pensacola1581 Duncan Rd, Bldg 735, NAS Pensacola, FL 32508
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The Housing Service Center at NAS Pensacola provides housing support for all of the Warfighters assigned to NAS Pensacola and their accompanying family members. Their goal is to help customers locate suitable and affordable housing whether they are unaccompanied or with a family. They have a range of housing options at this location that include privatized family housing and barracks for unaccompanied customers and students. They also provide services to assist customers locate housing in the local community.
The team at the HSC is ready to help you with a range of housing and services to help you locate suitable and affordable housing in the Pensacola area including:
Privatized Family Housing
Unaccompanied Housing
Private Sector Housing Support
Relocation Support

Source: cnic.navy.mil


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