Jetport Cafe - Mainside Chowhall

  • NAS Pensacola2 Taylor Road, Bldg 3900, NAS Pensacola, FL 32508
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Jetport Cafe is the NAS Pensacola galley and chow hall located at the NATTC.

NAS Pensacola Galley Hours of Operation
Breakfast 0530-0730
Lunch 1000-1300
Dinner 1600-1900

Weekends & Holidays
Breakfast 0700-0900
Lunch 1030 - 1230
Dinner 1600-1800

Mission Statement: To provide wholesome, nutritious quality meals in a sanitary environment to our patrons at the lowest cost practical throughout the Pensacola Region with trained culinary professionals who value customer service over all else.


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7 Reviews

  1. Whatever that cold pasta they have is great.... all about it.. quit complaining. It’s good food

  2. To those complaining about dependent service: This galley serves joint service first accessions attending the various training schools on NAS Pensacola, as well as fleet returnee students residing on NAS Pensacola for TAD/TDY/PCS-en-route training. It is not a general service galley. I've had nothing but excellent service when I have eaten here. The salad bar is always stocked, and there are a wide variety of meal options every day. Much better than many other facilities I've used.

  3. I was very disappointed, when I reached the clerk with my wife and son I was told they could not eat there. This being after standing in a line out the door for over 15,minutes. Is there a family friendly dining facility on base or do they not deserve to be served?

  4. There needs to be more plant based options for vegetarians and lactose intolerant personnel.

  5. I was told I couldn't enter because my shirt was sweaty.

  6. Staff are rude and disrespectful. On top of that I get my food served to me on dirty dishes

  7. I was told to leave because my dependents were not allowed to eat there, even though I was paying. I have never been to a galley where my dependents could not eat.