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  • NAS Pensacola421 Saufley St, Bldg 680, NAS Pensacola, FL 32508
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The PSD (Personnel Support Detachment) and ID Card Facility at NAS Pensacola is next to the main gas station adjacent to the NEX Aviation Plaza and the Naval Aviation Chapel. Appointments are needed to obtain ID cards. Please utilize the RAPIDS scheduler (link provided above) to make an appointment.

***Please note the RAPIDS website will only work if you are willing to continue past the browser security warning***

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13 Reviews

  1. Am unable to make appointment on Rapids. From the other reviews I’m not the only one. Some comments go back two years ago. I’m probably wasting more of my time composing this review. Appears no one at NAS Pensacola looks at them. Not good.

  2. I tried to call several times to have personnel retrase me from the system there so my new command can gain me.they have been trying to contact nas psd for 3mos with no response. How i am without seapay or cola. Its working hours and no one is answering the phone!

  3. Please update your RAPIDS appointment scheduler link. It does not work, can not connect, unavailable. Please Provide in print the website information given via your phone message 850-452-3617. The website info is given so quick that it is impossible to write down as given. Thank you very much. God Bless. TTArnette 5/2018

  4. The RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler Link does not work. I was told by the person who answered the phone that I must "bypass the link; we have to do that all the time." It is not possible to bypass the link from my computer. Please make the link accessible, remove it from your home page, or post correct bypass instructions. Also, if you only take appointments until 1530, please post that on your homepage as well. Your duty hours reflect 1600.

  5. Attempted to use the RAPIDS Scheduler, and was told I was unable due to lack of security. Attempted to call the number provided, followed the automated prompts, and on six occasions, the line rang 6 times, then disconnected. I Did leave a voice mail, when I tried to get an operator (prompt option) and there was NO human being answering the phone. HOW does one get a question answered, when they live over an hour away???

  6. Attempted several times to make an appointment online. Sent to un secure site with warnings. Decided to try walk in, was told unable to do because it was 2pm. I was turned away to make appointment online. Informed desk person that I had attempted unsuccessfully. Staff motioned to flyer and stated that was not the correct site. She provided another web site which, of course, did not work so called followed prompts and phone goes dead. This is not brain surgery. Just want an ID card.

  7. I click on the link and I am unable to make an appointment for my son to get a new id card

  8. I have called at least 5 times and every time the phone goes dead when I need to speak to someone in the ID Card department. Something needs to be done to service your customers better. CLEARLY, by the reviews on this page alone, means that no one cares whatsoever about the difficulties trying to reach someone.

  9. Three tries and no answer 1/31/2017 @ 11:42.but it asks "how can we improve". Easy, have someone from NHP teach customer service at the ID branch.

  10. This recording must be updated. Recording lists all the possibilities available but once you choose the number of the listing require and don't have an extension on who you are supposed to talk to makes your listing a waste of the customers time, and your time if you are not answering to the needs of the customer. Why bother to even have a listing available if it does not work.

  11. When you have a rate in which you have so much schooling that you're gone from home for a long time and get issued a certain amount of leave, you expect to get your plane ticket with enough time to visit home, not wait while the people who have a month's worth of school under their belt get to leave and you have 7 months and are just stuck losing all your possible leave.

  12. Maybe it would be a good idea to let customers know on the phone message that this facility will be closed for a holiday. Some service members work in critical areas that have to be manned 24/7 regardless of holidays and we forget that other functions get to close for holidays.

  13. Waited 45mins for a 5min. Interview. Who does one talk to about the fact that I have been married to my sailor for over 44yrs. And still have to renew my ID card.