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  • Mon
    0700 - 1730
    0700 - 1730
    0700 - 1730
    0700 - 1730
    0700 - 1730
  • Hours Info
    Tire service available until 1400. Mechanic service available until 1600.

NAS Whiting Field Auto Repair Shop is located on Saratoga St at the gas station. Mechanic services are available Mon-Fri 0700-1600 and tire service is available Mon-Fri 0700-1400 only.


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2 Reviews

  1. I thought the mechanic and helpers there were pretty nice, but I had my brakes completely re-done there, and unfortunately found out months later one of the wheel bearings (which had to be un-packed to get the replace the rotor) was not re-packed correctly. This almost ruined a $250 tire and took me months to figure out what was causing the wear. On my truck the wheel bearings are a huge pain in the butt, but you'd hope on a $1000 job for parts and labor the job would be done correctly.

  2. The shop is very conveniently located on base and doesn't appear to be too busy. I might have caught the mechanic on a bad day but he was not too friendly when I was trying to troubleshoot a problem with my car.