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The Branch Health Clinic at NAS Whiting Field is a 33,000 square foot facility constructed in 1976. Staffed by approximately 12 officers, 40 enlisted, 14 civil service and 3 contract employees, BHC Whiting Field’s mission is providing a comprehensive range of outpatient and ambulatory health care services to active duty members of the Federal Uniformed Services in direct support of NAS Whiting Field's mission of training Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, and foreign military pilots. Health care services are also provided to TRICARE Prime and other authorized beneficiaries.

Source: NHP


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4 Reviews

  1. I found the medical service to be excellent. Physical Therapy is very courteous and professional. I can think of no issues. Medications were given in a timely manner.

  2. Not impressed! Doctors care fine. Pharmacy not efficient or focused. Waited 35 minutes for a prescription with only 1 other person ahead of me. Frustrated! I had to complain only to notice the filled prescription was seating on the counter inside the pharmacy, but nobody called me to the window. Poor customer service!

  3. Home type feeling with doctors who really know their business. Caring, thoughtful and very efficient. Just what the doctor ordered... Great Medical care.... Thank you

  4. Good, comfortable clinic. They were pretty fast when I stopped in.