Drydock Restaurant

  • Naval AcademyDahlgren Hall, 103 Fullam Ct., Annapolis, MD 21412
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Drydock Restaurant in the Naval Academy's Dahlgren Hall is open for Midshipman sit-down use during individual class town liberty times only. Uniform is authorized liberty attire. Working uniforms and Blue and Gold Jogging Suits are not authorized during liberty. Fourth-Class Midshipmen are authorized sit-down use in Drydock on Sunday afternoons during Yard liberty in liberty attire. Drydock Restaurant is open to the public and offers a special menu for group events.

Drydock Restaurant’s dining room has a seating capacity of 150, with additional seating for 32 in the indoor Deck (café) area adjacent to the dining room. At times, Drydock hosts large groups of between 50-400 people which either dine at tables or picnic on the Assembly Hall floor. Before reservation confirmation, you will be informed as to what seating accommodations are available to your group. The seating accommodations are largely dependent on the size of the group. Chairs and tables may require an additional charge for large groups. When groups are scheduled to picnic, the ‘picnic cloths’ used are made of kraft-paper with custom printed ‘cartoon ants’ to keep alive the ‘picnic spirit!’


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3 Reviews

  1. Drydock is an awesome restaurant with great sandwiches and Pizza. It's located on the yard just inside Dahlgren Hall. The old Hockey Rink and basketball practice setup is in the same building. Drydock has great pizza (albeit VERY greasy) and their sandwiches are awesome as well. I definitely echo the other reviewers about the staff, but it's only temporary while ordering, so whatever. Comfortable seating and lots of TVs are great for watching sports too.

  2. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA. Makes up for any shortcomings with the staff.

  3. Pretty good pizza, a staple for mids. Still very unfriendly staff, but its almost part of the experience at this point. Good sandwiches, some classics like the Ritchie Meade. My fav is the tomahawk.