Macdonough Hall Gym

  • Naval AcademySantee Rd., United States Naval Academy, MD 21412
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Located between the Midshipman Store and Luce Hall, the Naval Academy's Macdonough Hall is one of the premier all-around fitness facilities in the country.

It boasts a state of the art fitness center, basketball/volleyball courts, boxing training center, and a full-spectrum gymnastics facility.

The gymnastics loft is equipped with the most modern training devices available. Included is a 65-foot long eight-foot deep in-ground, loose foam safety pit, as well assotting belts for every event. The state-of -the-art equipment includes; spring floor and tumbling strip into the pit; floor pommel horse, a buck and two mushrooms; two ring rigs with one over the pit; two vaulting runways with one into the pit; five sets of parallel bars with one next the pit for dismounts; four horizontal bars with one over the pit and two trampolines.


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  1. MacDonough Hall is a pretty nice facility overall, though not the best gym at the Naval Academy. The gym on the upper deck is great, with lots of treadmills and ellipticals. There is also a free weight section and quite a few machines. Also on the upper deck is the boxing ring and wrestling and gymnastics area. On the lower level, the basketball and volleyball courts are older, but still fine to use for gym classes and pickup games.