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    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
    0730 - 1600
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    Gate Access is 24/7

Long-term parking available for Naval Academy Midshipmen during the academic school year. Please call during office hours to arrange to park your car at Mears Marina!

Located in Eastport and easily walkable from the Academy, Mears Marina is by far your best option for parking convenience and affordability. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, their facilities are beautiful, and it is MUCH easier than going all the way to the stadium to get your car.

Gate Access is 24/7 so you will be able to get to your car anytime, day or night.


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  1. I used to park my car at Mears Marina during my second class year at USNA. It was a pretty good deal overall. It's a bit of a hike out to Eastport to grab your car, but typically no more than 15 mins walk. They give you a fob for gate access so overall if you need 2/C parking at the Academy and your sponsor isn't downtown, it's a great option.