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The Autoport at NAB Little Creek offers a full range of auto services, an auto parts and supply store, and is an official Virginia State Inspection Station. You can also have your propane tanks filled there.


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5 Reviews

  1. Please consider re-opening the Norfolk Autoport center. The location at Little Creek seems to always be overworked and not a convenient option for the NOB OR Portsmouth service members. You can never get a person on the phone and leaving voicemails is another challenge, it's full most of the time. Any relief for the Norfolk/Portsmouth/Suffolk service member would be greatly appreciated!

  2. The first time I came was to get a oil change along with a state inspection done. I was first in line that morning... it took them 7 hours. I came a week later for a $1 re-inspection after getting a better deal on new tires else were. Third in line this time, another 6 hour wait. Good thing the library was close by! Recommend any were else if you value your day.

  3. I have always dropped my car off the night before and never had a problem. They do great work for a reasonable price and the customer service is generally outstanding.

  4. Horrible experience for the second time, Tried to give the benefit of the doubt but they again failed to meet expectations. Dropped my truck off at roughly 0950 for an oil change and tire rotation it is now 1430 and my vehicle has not moved. I was told it would take 3 hours will it is now over 4 and this is the second time this has happened. The customer service is horrible if you tell a customer 3 after 4 hours have passed shouldn't you call and let them know it is going to over the time.

  5. The Autoport is first come, first serve. So coming in early would be the best idea if you want to be quick. They get busy very quickly and also do great work. I've had tires changed here before and have never had any issues.